Vice Sports: The NBA Player Who Went from Anonymous to Irreplaceable

You might not know Rodney McGruder’s name, but he is Mr. Miami Heat, and his journey is one of the great stories in today’s NBA.

This story by Michael Pina for VICE Sports highlights one of VP’s favorite success stories, in the unexpected Rodney McGruder who’s making a name for himself in the NBA.


Excerpt: McGruder acknowledges how distracting something like a contract year can be, but he doesn’t let it disrupt his day-to-day progress. The Heat give their players a meditation app called Vision Pursue, and McGruder uses it all the time.

“Everyone thinks about their future and what that holds, but really you have to live in the moment, and expand your A before you worry about your B. And my A is my everyday, working out, trying to be a good teammate, you know, just living in this moment,” he says. “If I focus on [free agency] I wouldn’t be living right and I would be cheating myself, because I’m not living in this moment being the best me I can be. You think about it, but you have to stop your mind because your mind does wander to all different kinds of things. But you have to quiet that mind and live in this present moment.”

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