Technology provides entertainment, allows us to connect with others, and helps us work more efficiently. However, being overexposed to technology produces stress, diminishes sleep, and contributes to a sedentary lifestyle.

Most technology is addictive. The mind projects dopamine which creates a desire to engage in it, even when it’s not in our best interest.

Here are some strategies to improve your interaction with technology:

  • Put your devices away when talking with others.
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications – every notification causes a dopamine projection.
  • Determine a schedule for using social media and playing video games.

You can use some of these strategies to reduce the urge to engage. When you feel the urge, apply VP’s 3-steps:

Step 1 – Expect the Expected: Everyone feels addictive impulses from technology.

Step 2 – Apply SEE:

Separate: When you feel the urge to engage with technology, realize your mind projected a chemical to make you feel that way. It’s just a message.

Embrace: It’s normal to feel a desire to connect with others or amuse yourself through technology. There are benefits if it doesn’t control you. Thank and observe the impulses knowing they’re temporary.

Evaluate: Consider whether YOU really want to engage in technology now

Step 3 – Control the Controllable: You can’t control your impulses, but you can periodically say “no” to them. You can also implement the three strategies above.

You won’t be perfect as you implement these strategies, but you’ll improve if you keep working at it. You can become a master of technology instead of its servant.