Stress Reduction

What percentage of your typical day is stressful, annoying, monotonous, or involves escape activities like drinking, social media, or TV?

The answer for the 3,800 people who have taken the VP Life Experience survey is 78 percent. And those results were before COVID-19. Here is how it looks in a pie chart:Default Mindset Pie ChartWe have found this life experience to be pervasive and it’s a poor profile for employee engagement, well-being, and performance. We encourage you to survey a sample of your organization to see where you stand.

Getting to the Source

To create change, we must get to the root cause of why this is happening.

Our experience of work and life is primarily based on automatic thoughts and emotions. Consider how a group of employees can have the same experience yet have very different emotions and behaviors. The picture below illustrates the problem. We’re not experiencing what’s happening. We’re experiencing what’s happening in our minds.

Dog Present in the ParkAutomatic Thoughts

If we tell our mind to stop thinking, it keeps thinking anyway. The mind produces thousands of thoughts a day that are predominantly negative. We’re not choosing to repeatedly think about a bad experience we had last week, last month, or two years ago. We’re also not choosing to wake up at night to think about what could go wrong in the future.

Automatic Emotions

We don’t choose to experience anger when we receive criticism or someone cuts us off in traffic. Emotions are the result of automatic neurotransmissions. These chemicals are produced by the mind in response to what happens to us and what we think about.

As the picture above suggests, these automatic thoughts and emotions drive our life experience and behavior. We call this mindset.

Mental Training that Works

A comprehensive program that includes actual training is needed to shift mindset. Information, motivational speeches, and meditation apps won’t get the job done. VP applies proven concepts from neuroscience and psychology that improve automatic thoughts and emotions.

We make it interesting, interactive, and easy to understand and provide a structured approach to train the mind. We can train large groups of people virtually or in-person and we leverage the VP app, making the program affordable and scalable.

The VP Performance Mindset™ program works. We know this because we measure and guarantee results. Here are the before and after results for participants who completed our program:
Before and After Performance Mindset TrainingWhat kind of impact would this make on your organization?

Stress is increasing, but there’s a solution. The VP Performance Mindset™ Program reduces stress and improves productive action and we’re excited to prove it with a trial in your organization.

Let us help you reduce stress and improve mindset in your organization.