The next generation of elite coaches and athletes will view mental skills training no differently than physical strength and conditioning. Mental skills training is more than short-lived motivation. It requires adherence to a proven system designed to accelerate the mastery process. VP’s Performance Mindset training system easily integrates into existing processes to develop mental toughness, connection, leadership, and performance.



Our 10-week program produces measurable impacts on stress levels, focus, sleep, resilience, managing change, and connection with teammates.

We train remotely and on-site. The training time ranges from 4 to 8 hours and is conducted over multiple sessions. We can also implement the program in multiple 10-minute sessions.

The highly interactive training reveals the neuroscience of mindset and how to apply it to real-world athletic situations.

The VP app provides daily practices that make our training stick.

Engaging team talks delivered by Russ Rausch, Jon McGraw, and Dr. Ian Connole provide practical and immediate impacts. They involve teams in interactive exercises that teach mental training skills and techniques that can be applied to improve performance and enjoyment.

They entertain and teach with stories and lessons relevant to your team from their work in college and professional sports.

Participants enter sessions “not knowing what they don’t know” and leave with a plan to improve their mindset, performance, and life experience.

We have been fortunate to coach some great coaches and athletes. Through one-on-one consultations we help people master Performance Mindset™. Our coaching adds value by:

  • Going deeper into VP concepts
  • Tactically applying principles to real situations
  • Adding accountability and support
  • Creating personal relationships

Our coaching is designed to meet your needs and objectives.

Imagine telling your athletes to do all their physical training on their own time. Do you think you would see diminished results?

The same is true for mental training. The good news is that effective mental training can be implemented with a time investment of only 10 to 15 minutes a day, if done properly.

We’ll work with your staff to implement mental training that fits into your system and level of expertise. We also work great with performance psychologists. Our approach makes it easy and efficient for any team to integrate.


Develop a Performance Mindset with the Vision Pursue (VP) APP

Lasting impact requires training, not just information. The VP app provides 10 levels of training designed to improve automatic thought and emotion patterns. These concepts are delivered through powerful daily practices that take only 15 minutes a day.

While meditation and mindfulness are powerful, they’re often delivered in ways that don’t get sustained results. We also believe that all 10 of VP’s concepts are needed to dramatically improve life experience or mindset for most people. Try the VP app and experience the difference.

Explore the 10 Levels of Performance Mindset Training

About Vision Pursue

Vision Pursue’s mission is to dramatically improve the way people experience life by improving their mindset. Our innovative team of business executives, sports performance experts, and psychology professionals have combined their experience to carefully develop the Performance Mindset™ training that drives results for organizations and sports teams.

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