Procrastination often starts with an automatic judgment that an activity is boring, unpleasant, or stressful. This causes the activity to be pushed aside in favor of something more enjoyable but less important. We don’t usually take action until the stress of not doing it becomes greater than the stress of doing it.

VP training reduces procrastination over time, and our 3-Step Process will help immediately:

Step 1: Expect the Expected – Everyone procrastinates and has resistance to doing certain activities.

Step 2: Apply SEE to your emotions.

Separate – You didn’t decide to resist doing the activity; your brain projected a chemical to make you feel that way.

Embrace – Your mind wants you to enjoy yourself. It errs on the side of promoting activities you’ll enjoy now. You don’t have to fight or suppress the feeling. Thank your mind for the emotion and experience it, knowing it’s temporary.

Evaluate – You always have a choice. Consider the consequences and then narrow your focus to what’s controllable.

Step 3: Control the Controllable:

You can’t control feelings of procrastination, but you can control how you respond to them and what action to take. After applying SEE, either do the activity or don’t, you decide. A certain amount of procrastination is fine as you bring awareness to it.

You also have control over removing distractions and taking small actions that can get you started.

Keep applying the 3 steps and you’ll procrastinate less. You’ll be more productive and reduce the stress from last-minute projects.

With VP training, you can shift mindset and reduce procrastination in your organization.