Finding Mastery: Podcast with Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons Head Coach

A collage of Russ Rausch, cofounder of mindfulness company Vision Pursue, and Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach talks about mindset, processing emotions, and focus and how he uses Vision Pursue to help him do it on the Finding Mastery podcast.


April 8, 2020

Dan Quinn: “In 2013, I got involved with a company called Vision Pursue. VP is a mindset performance group that helps with everything from meditation to learning how to separate from emotions so you can be fully present and understanding that we’re all going through this kind of stuff. The things that jam coaches up and players up, it happens to all of us. So having a way to talk about it, to discuss it, and go through exercises for it.

So when I do have a tough loss and you have to be ready to deliver for the very next day. How do you separate from the loss? How do you move past the thought and then get back into, “Alright What do I evaluate from it and what do I do next. […]

Recognizing those traps and focus on what’s most important. The team doesn’t need any distraction from me. They need me to be rock solid and steady and consistent. And so if I’m going to preach these things, then I damn sure better live it.

Michael Gervais: And is that your same methodology for dealing with hard emotions, with big emotions?

Dan Quinn: Totally. It helps at home, it helps at work. To see when those disappointments happen, to have a process to help you navigate what that looks like. And, like I said, more often than not my glass is more than half full, but we all have those spaces that it’s more challenging and takes more focus to stay on track and not let the negative thoughts take over. I think it’s easy to say ‘just stay positive’, but, it’s not that easy, and it’s more about having a process to get there.” [38:01-40:07]

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Dan quinn on the finding mastery podcast

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