Playing Life at 85%

Do you often feel overwhelmed and burned out going from deadline to deadline? Do you always feel like you’re in a rush, even when you’re not?

While it’s great to be efficient, realize that your automatic thoughts are making you less productive. They’re telling you to leave at the last minute, squeeze in last-minute tasks, and multi-task all the time. This frantic pattern impairs recovery, decision-making, and energy. Ultimately, it reduces productivity and happiness.

A valuable example of enhancing performance by slowing down is the 85% rule in tennis. Most amateur tennis players lose matches because they make too many errors and waste energy. To correct this, they’re taught to play at 85% of the pace their mind wants them to operate at. Once they make this a habit, they can strategically increase their intensity when appropriate.

This approach can be applied to life.

Many of us make a lot of unnecessary mistakes and feel burned out. Productivity isn’t based on how many tasks you squeeze into a day; it’s based on effectiveness over time. Operating at 85% and strategically increasing your pace when needed will improve clarity, effectiveness, and well-being!

You can start by slowing the mind to 85% while brushing your teeth, eating, and driving. Leaving for work and other destinations a few minutes earlier will also slow your mind down.

You may experience anxiety when you slow your pace. Appreciate and embrace that your mind wants to get a lot done and then back it off a little. You’ll improve over time, and this will decrease your stress and improve your productivity.

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