What is Mindset and Performance Mindset?

We define mindset as the way the mind experiences the world. This experience is created through the automatic production of thoughts and emotions. With VP’s 10-week training system, participants train automatic thought and emotional patterns to improve; performance, resilience, and engagement.

The Problem

An untrained mind usually produces automatic thoughts and emotions that make life feel stressful, annoying, and monotonous.

We’ve surveyed thousands asking them to describe how they experience a typical work day. The survey reported that 79% percent of a typical day is stressful, annoying, monotonous, or included escape activities like drinking, watching TV, or surfing the virtual world.

Can you relate to these results?

Automatic Thoughts

We don’t pick the large majority of our thoughts, they are produced automatically. Without choosing to, we often ruminate on painful things from our past or worry about what could go wrong in our future.

Many psychologists suggest that an untrained mind has an 8:1 negativity bias – on average it produces eight negative thoughts to every positive thought.

Automatic Emotions

We also don’t pick our emotions. They are the result of automatic neurotransmissions and hormone releases. These chemicals are produced by our brain in response to what happens to us and what we think about.

Since we automatically think about a lot of negative things, our mind produces a lot of negative emotions.

Life Experience

Our life experience is formed by these constant automatic thoughts and emotions. It’s not what’s happening as much as it is our thoughts and emotions about what’s happening.

They make life feel stressful, dissatisfying, annoying, and monotonous leading us to self-medicate through alcohol, drugs, shopping, eating, television, video games, and social media.


Besides making life less enjoyable, these thought and emotional patterns also diminish our focus, resilience, sleep, and ability to be present with others. This causes our performance to suffer.

Is Your Solution Working?

  • • Gym Memberships
  • • Finding Your “Why”
  • • Goal Setting
  • • Positive Thinking
  • • Mindfulness Workshops

While any of these solutions can be valuable, we don’t believe they have a lasting impact on stress, engagement, teamwork, and resiliency. Even meditation and mindfulness when used alone are usually insufficient to dramatically improve life experience. In other words, the right combination of mental training is needed to impact automatic mental processing to create Performance Mindset. Once the mindset is right, you are better able to implement additional strategies with more sustainable results.

Our Solution: Performance Mindset

We believe that training on the ten elements that make up the Vision Pursue program create a Performance Mindset.

VP trainees and app users reported significant improvement in their life experience as well as improvements in focus, resiliency, connection, and dealing with change.

Performance Mindset
occurs when your mind
automatically produces thoughts
and emotions that are productive.
This creates a good life experience
and improves performance.

Aggregate data from VP customers demonstrate significant improvement in how they experience life. Many customers also reported improvements in focus, resiliency, connection, and their ability to deal with change.


Performance Mindset Programs

Our primary service for organizations and sports teams is group training that leverages the VP app.

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