Scientific evidence confirms that meditation has major benefits related to stress levels, focus, and health. In addition, many successful people credit meditation as a key contributor to their success.

Despite the proven benefits of meditation, there’s a high failure rate. Let’s try an exercise that provides insight into how meditation is practiced. Try each of the following for 20-seconds each:

  1. Stop all your thoughts.
  2. Close your eyes and notice what you can hear without analyzing it.
  3. Allow your mind to do whatever it wants while you passively watch it.

Which of these was the easiest to do and the most calming for your mind?

Numbers 2 and 3 are easier and more calming for most people, which provides insight into the practice of meditation.

VP meditations are designed to improve focus, calm the emotional mind, and enhance mental clarity. They do this through guided exercises that interrupt automatic thinking to focus attention.

Here are some of VP’s meditation types:

  • Sensory Perception – Observing what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled.
  • Body Scan – Observing sensations in the body like your feet, hands, eyes, and heart.
  • Breathing – Observing and directing your breath.
  • Conceptual – Reinforcing VP concepts.

Here are three keys to meditation success:

  1. Meditation is not enough. Meditation is powerful, but it’s only part of the formula for improving mindset. Applying other VP concepts is essential.
  2. Proper expectations. The primary purpose of meditation is not to feel calm during the mediation, it’s to improve mental processing. Sometimes meditation quiets the mind, and other times it speeds it up. Sometimes it causes sleep. There are no “bad”meditations because meditating trains the mind regardless of your experience.
  3. A Plan. Find a proven system like the VP app and make it a priority. Put the days and times you’ll meditate in your calendar.

When done properly, meditation has a positive impact on focus, emotions, and mental clarity. Especially when it’s used in conjunction with all of VP’s concepts.