Furthermore: 3 mindfulness techniques used in the NFL

Our training in the NFL has received a lot of buzz, but these are techniques anyone can use. This article by Debbie Emery on Furthermore from Equinox hits on a few ways to process automatic thoughts and emotions to bring more clarity into your reactions.
NFL Chargers

Do them for better focus, less anxiety, and level-headed reactions.

Shawne Merriman, a former linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, believes that in five years, mindfulness is going to be the strongest predictor of NFL players’ success. “It’s something everyone can do and it gives you balance and peace of mind,” he says. “There’s no doubt that it impacts your performance on the field.”


Why it works: Learning how to process automatic thoughts and emotions can help everyone perform their best, says Russ Rausch, a partner at Chicago-based Vision Pursue who provides mental training to rookies on the Atlanta Falcons. This three-step process helps you stay level-headed when things don’t go smoothly. “For players, being able to get back into the moment more quickly without being sidetracked by emotions is incredibly powerful,” Rausch says. […]

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3 mindfulness techniques used in the NFL