Embrace the Suck

When bad things happen most of us waste time and energy resisting them. We spend mental energy thinking, “this shouldn’t have happened” or “this isn’t fair.” We can get stuck in a victim mentality instead of working to improve the situation or move on.

Soldiers are trained to “embrace the suck.” Which is to embrace or accept unpleasant situations and emotions. This is a powerful internal response as it allows them to reduce mental resistance to what has already happened so they can respond productively. By embracing what is, they can use their time and energy to impact what could be.

Great poker players win not because they get the best hands, but because they’re skilled at playing the hands they get. So, when adversity strikes, “embrace the suck,” and play the hand you’ve been dealt as best you can.

VP’s 3-Steps help the mind process difficulties more productively. Expect that you’ll encounter challenging situations and emotions like everyone else does. Also, expect that you can handle whatever comes your way. Separate from and embrace your emotions, knowing that it makes sense that your mind gives you a message when bad things happen. Finally, realize that you can’t control the past, other people, and many circumstances, so put your energy into things you can control.

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