5 Amazing Benefits of Meditation—From Better Sleep to Better Relationships

“I’d bring work home with me and it would affect my interactions with my husband,” Adamek described. After six weeks of using the Vision Pursue meditation app (cofounded by 10-year NFL veteran Jon McGraw), “I brought less stress home with me and could be present, asking him about his day—and really listening.”

This story by Leslie Goldman for Parade tells of how Olympian Katherine Adamek came to VP and how it had a lasting impact on her athletic career, life, and relationships.


October 25, 2019

Excerpt: For years, speed skater Katherine Adamek struggled with chronic professional self-doubt, despite having won two Olympic medals. The anxiety and insecurity were bleeding over from the ice into her personal life. A hip injury forced her into retirement in 2013.

After three years, though, Adamek was craving a comeback, “but I wanted to do things differently this time,” she says, “building my confidence and learning how to be present for my teammates, how to enjoy my successes and learn from my mistakes instead ruminating and judging myself for them.” She reached out to an Olympic sports psychologist with whom she’d previously trained, who agreed to help, with one caveat: Adamek needed to start using a meditation app.

Between grueling workouts, Adamek interspersed three-minute guided meditations, building to 10- and 20-minute sessions. Within a few weeks, “negative emotions passed more easily. I noticed changes in my relationships with my family, friends and teammates. I could enter a strength training session feeling confident, even if my last workout wasn’t great.” Adamek set a new American record at her first World Cup Circuit back from retirement in 2016.

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5 Amazing Benefits of Meditation—From Better Sleep to Better Relationships